sirJarl - Hover Car Contest - Instagram

sirJarl - Hover Car Contest - Instagram

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sirJarl - Hover Car Contest - Details

Hover Car
Wheels, wings, front lights, rear lights, anti-gravity

Docking Bay
Magnetic fields, charging lights, slides

The hover car looks like a future car and blends the elements of a modern spacecraft.
Vehicle can be used as a car on the road and as a hover car in the air.

Wheels are on in standard mode. Wheels are off and hidden in hover mode.

Hover car docks in a docking bay. For an example an apartment, house, building, skyscraper.
Magnetic fields locks the car in position. Charging begins automatically when the car docks.

Send your entries to Instagram ‪#‎hovercarcontest‬
Deadline this fall

For more details on the Hover Car project.


Music used in this promotion

sirJarl - Title

Music by Jarle Klausen
© Jarle Klausen

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