Retina skjerm og Photoshop 6

Retina skjerm og Photoshop 6

Innleggav traustit » tir 17.12.2013 13:25

Hope it is ok to write in english, feel free to answer in norwegian.

Anyway I just bought a retina mac, and was doing christmas cards. I take one photo, 12 MP, so the image is huge. I cut out a part I like, move it into a new image file, paste, and it looks like crap, all pixellated and distorted.

I have done this so many times before using a normal screen mac. It seems like the image that goes to the clip board is shrunk or something.

Easy to replicate. Find a huge photo, like 2400x3400 or similar. Copy an area that is like 200x140 pixels. Create a new image, paste it in, then zoom like 200-300% into it.
Then do the same with the original, zoom 300% into it, same place. Completely different results.

Anyone else seen this problem and is there a "fix" ?
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Re: Retina skjerm og Photoshop 6

Innleggav traustit » tor 19.12.2013 19:06

En kompiss kom og så på stillinger i photoshop og gjørte masse ting, og problemet er ikke lenger
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